Vol.15, No.3
July 2020
[Original Papers]
A new species found in the Collection of the Discovery Expedition from 1925–27: Tamoya ancamori sp. nov. (Cnidaria, Cubozoa, Carybdeida, Tamoyidae) from West African waters
Ilka Straehler-Pohl
Change in zooplankton community in Onagawa Bay, northeastern Japan after the Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami in 2011 off the Pacific coast of Japan
Yoshinari Endo
A new species in the subgenus Javanisomysis in the genus Anisomysis (Crustacea: Mysida: Mysidae) for specimens collected from Lombok Island, Indonesia
Shozo Sawamoto, Yukio Hanamura, Rose O.S.E. Mantiri & Susumu Ohtsuka
How does cell volume influence the total light absorption efficiency of a mixed population of dinoflagellates with similar cell shapes and pigment compositions?
Chieko Dairiki, Shozo Motokawa, Ai Murata & Satoru Taguchi
Feeding and reproduction including diapausing egg production as cold-water adaptations for overwintering of Acartia steueri (Copepoda, Calanoida) in Okkirai Bay, Sanriku, northern Japan
Yuichiro Yamada, Wataru Sato, Atsushi Kobiyama & Takehiko Ogata
Available at https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/pbr/15/3/_contents