Plankton & Benthos Research

Plankton and Benthos Research is the joint journal of The Plankton Society of Japan ( and The Japanese Association of Benthology ( The journal publishes quarterly original papers, reviews and notes dealing with any aspect of the biology and ecology of plankton and benthos and their interactions with the environment in any aquatic system, and is open to all scientists around the world. No cost will be charged to the author(s) except for an excess page charge (if >10 pages) and for color prints, but color figures can be published in the online version for free.

All papers from the current and past issues are available at the J-Stage website.

    Papers in Plankton and Benthos Research belonging to “The Plankton Society of Japan” and in the previous journal “Plankton Biology and Ecology” are rigidly protected by copyright. In the case of scientific citations of figures, tables, etc. from these papers, please contact the current Editor-in-Chief of the Plankton Society of Japan for permission.

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