Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan - The Japanese journal
Vol. 50, No. 2 (August 2003)
Original paper
Population dynamics and estimated production of Sinocalanus tenellus (Kikuchi) (Copepoda: Calanoida) in a brackish-water environment, Lake Abashiri, eastern Hokkaido, Japan
- Hiroki Asami and Yoshio Ito
Growth characteristics of Rhizosolenia imbricata Brightwell occurring in Ariake Sea
- Kazuyuki Sasaki and Hitoshi Kito
Plankton Symposium
"Comparison between plankton studies in fresh and marine waters: with attention to the prey-predator relationship"
Observations on zooplankton feeding mechanisms by use of high-speed video imaging
- Yuji Tanaka
Stoichiometric impacts of environmental disturbance on the trophic dynamics of plankton communities
- Jotaro Urabe
Prey-predator relationships concerning the marine gelatinous zooplankton, salps
- Jun Nishikawa
Feeding ecology of jellyfishes
- Minoru Kitamura
Predator-induced defenses in freshwater zooplankton
- Syuhei Ban
Ecological features of meso- and bathypelagic copepods as viewed from prey-predator interactions
- Atsushi Yamaguchi & Tsutomu Ikeda
The role of predation in controlling the succession of the two Bosmina species in Lake Suwa
- Kwang-Hyeon Chang and Takayuki Hanazato
Predators control population dynamics of the cladoceran Daphnia through kairomones: An indirect effect of predators
- Takayuki Hanazato
Seventh International Conference on Modern and Fossil Dinoflagellates (DINO7)
Third International Zooplankton Production Symposium
Workshop on Culture of Copepods and Applications to Marine Finfish Larval Rearing
Fourth Colloquium of Marine Biology
Abstracts of original papers on Plankton Biology and Ecology (Vol. 50, No. 2)
Society Report