Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan - The Japanese journal
Vol. 54, No. 1 (February 2007)
Original papers
Utilization of urea by the 6 species of red tide phytoplankton
- Tsuyoshi Fukao, the late Toshitaka Nishijima, Haruo Yamaguchi and Masao Adachi
Red tide outbreak of the noxious flagellate Karenia mikimotoi (Dinophyceae) in Hiketa Bay in the Seto Inland Sea; Comparison of environmental conditions between a red tide occurrence year and a non-occurrence year
- Kazuhiko Ichimi, Kazuhiro Miyao and Shigeru Montani
Joint Symposium of the Plankton Society and the Japanese Association of Benthology
"Ballast water and introduction of plankton-current conditions and future measures"
Introduced marine organisms and management approaches by administrative agencies in Japan
- Keiji Iwasaki
Distribution and introduction of harmful dinoflagellates
- Mitsunori Iwataki and Kazumi Matsuoka
Alien or native to Japan? -whether has a planktonic copepod recently described from Shimizu Port as a new species been introduced?
- Susumu Ohtsuka, Hiroshi Ueda, Masaki Iwabuchi, Hiroshi Iroh, Hong Yong Soh, Sakiko Sakaguchi, Kazuo Hirano, Taeko Kimura and Daisuke Ueno
The role of ballast water for the invation of marine and brackish water benthos in Japanese waters
- Michio Otani
Changes in the species composition and the abundance of phytoplankton in ballast water
- Ken Okamoto, Yu Kobayashi and Hiroshi Ishida
Ballast Water Management Convention and its inherent problems
- Yasuwo Fukuyo, Akiko Tomaru and Takuo Omura
Availability and problems about various ballast water treatment technologies
- Katsumi Yoshida
Development of ballast water management systems-The special pipe method
- Takeki Kikuchi
Report on the Joint Symposium of the Plankton Society and the Japanese Association of Benthology in 2006
Report on the 12th International Conference on Harmful Algae
Announcement of JAPAN Chaetognath Group
Profile of the Awardee of Doctor's Degree
Book review
Abstract of original papers on Plankton and Benthos Research
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Society Report