Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan - The Japanese journal
Vol. 60, No. 1 (February 2013)
Original papers
· Mechanisms of algicidal eects in the red-tide raphidophycean agellate Heterosigma akashiwo due to the highly unsaturated fatty acid arachidonic acid
- Naoyuki Uchida, Takahiro Kozima, Satoshi Oono, Atushi Furuya, Mariko Takeuchi, Yumie Fuzihara, Koichi Ara, Fumio Takenaga and Juro Hiromi
· New messenger-operated opening/closing plankton net and new double release mechanism designed for vertical haul
- Hiroshi Ueda
· Recent studies on biodiversity and eco-physiological characteristics of the genus Skeletonema( Bacillariophyceae)
- Machiko Yamada
· Abstracts of the Symposium “Biology of Diatoms”
Technical Information
· A technical method for assessing the viability of phytoplankton to examine the performance of a ballast water management system
- Shunji Sukizaki and Keisuke Unno
Prize of the Plankton Society of Japan
Profile of the Awardee of Doctor’s Degree
Book Review
Abstracts of Original Papers on Plankton & Benthos Research
Society Report